Untitled as the life

Untitled as the life

Hey, all!

So, today is Friday, innit? But do not celebrate, ‘cause two days from now it will be Monday, again. Or DO celebrate, live is for the living.

Welcome to the first ever issue of My Art Journey newsletter, where I have no clue of what I’m doing.

What is this newsletter about?

Like I mentioned above, I have no idea exactly what will this newsletter be about, maybe it will be about “My Art Journey” and I will be sharing my progress, maybe it will be about the mysteries of Easter Island… I guess you’ll need to stick around to see.

Dynamic Sketching - mini review

I don’t know how to draw, and when I say this, sometimes people think I’m being a douchebag. They are not wrong, I’m a douchebag, but not for that. One thing that people might not realise, is that painting ain’t the same thing as drawing. It’s super easier to hide your mistakes with painting, try do that with drawing, using a felt tip pen. Good luck!

A couple of months ago I started Peter Han‘s Dynamic Sketching course. My goal was to improve my line working. 'Twas 8 weeks of priceless lessons.

While the process and approach used by Peter to teach works very well, I think the key of this course is Peter himself. He combines his years of experience in the art industry with his love by art and design to create the most entertaining and engaging class I’ve ever attended to.

Highly recommended if you wanna create more confidence with your lines and drawing in general.

This is not sponsored btw, but new classes will be open later this month, check it out here: https://peterhanstyle.myshopify.com
Below you can see some of the exercises I did. :)

My graphic novel project

Last year I started developing this book idea, (an illustrate book for that matter) that would tell a different perspective for The Three Little Pigs fable. I always being fascinated with the concept of perspectives, literally and not literally too, so I thought, why not?

I started writing the script on April’s fool 2020, and this is not a joke.

After a long hiatus, I’m working on this project again, and I changed the medium. My goal now is to create a graphic novel/comic book. :)

To avoid spoilers and to summarise, the book explores The Wolf’s journey into healing…

Here’s a few concepts and sketches:

Next week I will be sharing more sketches and progress, stay tuned!


More like a re-painting. Over the past few days I’ve been slowly re-painting an old painting study, here’s the progress so far:


Just a random sketch from yesterday’s lunch.

Wrapping up

Thanks for reading my first newsletter issue! If you have any thoughts, comments, suggestions, feel free to reply this email, or ping me on Twitter: @_agtlucas.

Over and out! 👋